Past Issues

November 2009:

The Chapbook Publishers Roundtable opens this issue. Participants include Bannock Street Books’s Sarah Black, TinFish Press’s Susan Webster Schultz, Yazoo River Press’s J.Q. Zheng, Small Fires Press’s Friedrich Kerksieck, Publishing Genius Press’s Adam Robinson, Musclehead Press’s John Berbrich, Dancing Girl Press’s Kristy Bowen, Rose Metal Press Abigail Beckel and Kathleen Rooney, Toad Press’s Genevieve Kaplan, Blood Pudding Press’s Juliet Cook, and Mud Luscious Press’s J.A. Tyler. Also within this issue are reviews by Ryan W. Bradley, Molly Gaudry, Alec Niedenthal, Craig Santos Perez, and J.A. Tyler.

 October 2009:

This issue opens with J.A. Tyler’s interview with the ever astute and irrepressible Sean Lovelace. They celebrate sentences, cultural icons, how to navigate the mainstream and the slipstream, and wonder at how language can “float and flow and blossom.” Following this, Tobias Carroll reviews David Ohle’s Those Bones, Nicolle Elizabeth reviews Elizabeth Ellen’s A Thousand & One Others, Yes, Cooper Renner reviews Jimmy Chen’s Typewriter and Deborah Woodard’s Hunter Mnemonics, and Tyler returns with a review of Zachary Schomburg’s I Am a Small Boy.

September 2009:

Featuring John Madera interviewing Ken Sparling and reviews of Claire Donato’s Someone Else’s Body by Gina Myers,  Pedro Ponce’s Superstitions of Apartment Life by Greg Gerke, Matt Bell’s The Collectors by Adam Robison, Nada Gordon’s Interests by Michael Leong, Ken Sparling’s Isn’t This What You Were Looking For? by Tobias Carroll, and Notes on Conceptualism by Vanessa Place and Robert Fitterman by Christopher Higgs.

August 2009:

Featuring John Madera interviewing Thomas Cooper and Tina May Hall, Matt DeBenedictis interviewing Jamie Iredell, and Andrew Borgstrom reviewing Rufo Quintavalle’s Make Nothing Happen, Christina Hall reviewing MRB Chelko’s Six Recurring Dreams, Michael Leong reviewing Francis Raven’s C&O Canal, Josh Maday reviewing Thomas Cooper’s Phantasmagoria, Ryan Manning reviewing Kathryn Regina’s I Am in the Air Right Now, Alec Niedenthal reviewing Alexis Vergalla’s Letters Through Glass, and William Walsh reviewing Tim Horvath’s Circulation.

July 2009:

Featuring Nicolle Elizabeth in conversation with Shya Scanlon, and reviews of Tina May Hall’s All the Day’s Sad Stories, James Iredell’s Before I Moved to Nevada, Sarith Peou’s Corpse Watching, Mary Ruefle’s Go Home and Go to Bed!, Geoffrey Forsyth’s In the Land of the Free, Leonard Schwartz’s Language as Responsibility, Michael Kriesel’s Moths Mail the House, Thomas Cooper’s Phantasmagoria, and Spider Vein Impasto, edited and designed by Juliet Cook.

June 2009:

Featuring Christopher Higgs interviewing  Blake Butler and Butler interviewing Higgs. And reviews of  Lawrence Millman’s Going Home: A Horror Story, Matt Bell’s How the Broken Lead the Blind, Aaron Burch’s Molting, Alan Catlin’s Only the Dead Know Albany, Mathias Svalina’s Play, Ryan Call’s Pocket Finger, Shya Scanlon’s Poolsaid, and Mike Heppner’s Talking Man.

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