For Review

From Amsterdam Press:
Cracks and Slats, by Mark Jackley
Penobscot Voices: Kikukus, Poems by Michael Campagnoli

Big Table Publishing Chapbook Series:
Prepare to Crash, by Casey Quinn

From BlazeVOX [books]:
Aphasia, by Beth Balousek

From Blood Pudding Press:
At Night the Dead, by Lisa Ciccarello

From Bright Hill Press:
Haywire, by Rachel Contreni Flynn

From Červená Barva Press:
A Rarity, Grzegorz Wróblewski

From Chax Press:
The Sudden, by Leonard Schwartz

From Cold Green Tea Press:

Lemon, by Motojiro Kajii, Translated by Chinatsu Komori and Kenneth Traynor

From Cosa Nostra Editions:
My Thousand Novel, by Lucy Ives

From CUE Editions:
Let It Be Nearby, by Mark Horosky

From Dancing Girl Press:
Fragments Found in a 1937 Aviator’s Boot, by Kate Durbin

From Dusie Kollektiv:
Mondo Crampo, by Juliet Cook
Off Flaw, by Dawn Pendergast

From erbacce-press:
Wrench, by Bill Yarrow

From Factory Hollow Press:
Disposition for Shininess, by Arisa White

From Finishing Line Press:
Something Must Happen, by Ned Balbo
Neither Rising nor Falling, poems by Jeremy Voigt

From Flutter Press:
Pacing the Moon, by Sandy Green

From Further Adventures Press:
Further Adventures, Book One, by Friedrich Kerksieck and Aaron James McNally

From hahaclever dot press:
How to Skin the Moon, by Reynard Seifert

From Inkwater Press:
Love and Life: Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday, by Richard L. Boden

From Kitchen Press:
Old With You, by Lily Brown

From The Ledge Press:

Bar Napkin Sonnets, by Moira Egan

From Magic Helicopter Press:
Let’s Collaborate, by Jack Christian

From Mayapple Press:
The Doors of the Body, by Mary Alexandra Agner

From Microcosm Press:
Bamboozled: The Joey Torrey Story, as told to Joe Biel
The CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting #5, by Gena Mason

From Milk Machine:
Dinner, Or, A Deranged Event Staged in a Theoretical Mansion
in Which Time and History Have Been Grossly Dismembered
and What We Know as the Laws of Physics Wildly Subverted,
Conducted as an Inquiry into the Genius of Madness and
the Art of the Faux Pas, and Having as a First Course
to be Served to a Cast of Sixteen Eccentrics a Dish of
Carrot Cabbage Salad Meant to Tickle Every Palate.
Poetry by Jesse Nathan. Music and Collages by Chris Janzen
Includes a recorded performance of the reading and music on compact disc

From Mud Luscious Press:
Alcove, by Lavie Tidhar
Boots Walking in America Found a Trophy, by Krammer Abrahams
From the Hip, by Mary Hamilton
More Introductions to a Book I Will Never Finish, by Mark Baumer
Rape Children,  by Kendra Grant Malone
Where We Go When We Leave, by Craig Davis
& Then She Wakes Up, by Eugene Lim
Texas, by C.L. Bledsoe
Four Art Pieces Plus Two, by Joshua Cohen
Thucydides at Syracuse, by Michael Martone
for, by Josh Maday

From Parlor City Press:
Disappears in the Rain, by Matthew Thorburn

From Picaro Press:
The Third Fruit Is a Bird, by Adam Ford

From Proletariat Press:
Sweat Off the Diamond, by Dennis Paul Wilken

From Pudding House Chapbook Series:
Incident in an Apartment Complex: A Suite of Voices, by Peter Schmitt
In Mountain Lion Country, by Tony Reevy

From Small Fires Press:
I, NE: Iterations of the Junco, by John Chavez, Megan Gannon, Rachel May, and Joshua Ware
Some Bridges Migrate, by Scott Pierce

From Soddenbank Press:
Fault Line: Vulnerable Landscapes, by Karen Coody Cooper

From Spooky Girlfriend Press:
Don’t ever stay the same; keep changing, by Elisa Gabbert & Kathleen Rooney
Pink Leotard & Shock Collar, by Juliet Press

From Sunnyoutside Press:
Rumors of Electricity, by Richard Krech

From Tangled Up In Blue Productions:
The Best of Stain, an anthology of stained glass confessional music and literary series performers

From Tilt Press:
In the Kingdom of My Familiar, by Julie Platt
In the Voice of a Minor Saint, by Sarah J. Sloat
Inside Bone There’s Always a Marrow, by Rachel Mallino
Leaf Weather, by Shira Dentz
a / long /  division, by Hannah Andrews

From TinFish Press:
farout_library_software, by Maged Zaher and Pam Brown
Someday I’ll Be Sitting in a Dingy Bar, by Hwang Jiwoo, trans. by Scott Swanner and Young-Jun Lee

From Toad Press:
The Baden-Baden Lesson Play on Acquiescence, by Bertolt Brecht, trans. from the German by Justin Vicari
Some Very Popular Songs, by Rolf Dieter Brinkmann, trans. from the German by Mark Terrill

From Toadlily Press:
An Uncommon Accord: Poems by George Kraus, Marcia Arrieta, Pat Landreth Keller, and Michael Carman

From Virgogray Press:
Broke Nuptial Minds, poetry by A.J. Kaufmann

From Yazoo River Press:
A Parable of Women: Poems, by Philip C. Kolin

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