Chapbook by Aaron Burch
Mud Luscious Press, 2009
ISBN13: 9781161669060
ISBN10: 116166906x

Review by Andrew Borgstrom

reviewer (ri-ˈvyü-ər) noun – definition no longer in usage.

inability (ĭ-nə-bĭ-lə-tē ) noun – lack of sufficient ability by reviewer to write a review of Aaron Burch’s Molting without the review being longer than said story and wishing to just reprint Burch’s story here instead.

molt (mōlt) verb – to shed stuff, such as cuticle, feathers or skin, only to have it all come back again.

Molting (mōlt-ĭng) noun – a story where hands turn into birds while everything else remains normal.

penny (pe-nē) noun – 1. a girl whose hands turn into birds in Aaron Burch’s Molting. 2. a monetary unit used to purchase MLP chaps when multiplied by 200.

into (ĭn-tū) preposition – the condition or form of, as in, “MY HANDS ARE TURNING INTO BIRDS, Penny said.”

remarkable (rĭ-mär-kə-bəl) adjective – a description used when referring to the extraordinary nature of Aaron Burch’s Molting.

how (hau) adverb – in what manner, as in, “Do you know how to fold origami birds?”

origami (or-ə-ga-mē) noun – the art of folding paper into a representational shape of a bird.

chapbook (chap-buk) noun – the art of folding paper into a representational shape of a book.

wow (wau) interjection – used to express pleasure upon seeing origami birds or upon reading Aaron Burch’s Molting.

original (ə-rĭj-ə-nəl) adjective – archaic spelling of origami (apocryphal), as in, “BIRDS? CAN’T YOU BE A LITTLE MORE ORIGINAL?”

zero (zî-rō, zē-rō) noun – 1. the number of people who considered this a review. 2. the amount of literary pleasure experienced without Aaron Burch’s Molting.

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